Thursday, June 28, 2012

Repeal Is Not The Only Answer

Today. SCOTUS mad a terrible mistake by helping the government rob Americans of their freedom to choose their own destiny. And while a Republican Congress and president in January could simply repeal it, that does nothing to fix the problem. The problem is much bigger - that FDR and his liberal court gave far, far too much power within the so-called Commerce Clause.

What we need to do if we are to save what is left of our freedom to choose for ourselves is to pass a Constitutional Amendment that rolls back the Commerce Clause to reasonable and clear boundaries, and forbid any branch of government to further infringe the right of the people to choose how they will live their lives.

Something like, "The right of the people to live their lives freely, as they choose, shall not be infringed, with the provision that their choices do not do direct harm to others, nor prevent others from exercising their rights. Nor shall the government regulate commerce except where said commerce is directly interstate or international, and shall not be construed to include any activity that, itself, is not directly involved in interstate or international commerce."

Or something along those lines, because it is obvious this was the intent of the Founders, and would protect our freedom to live our lives as we choose. And THAT was certainly the intent, and even God's will, when He gave us Free Will.


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