Monday, June 11, 2012

Commerce Secretary Bryson's Accidents Due To Seizure???

The latest reports from the lamestream media claim Commerce Secretary Bryson had a seizure which caused him to be involved in two accidents.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department and the San Gabriel Police Department said that in the first crash, Bryson was driving alone in his Lexus on a major street in San Gabriel when he allegedly struck the rear end of a Buick. He spoke with the occupants of that car before leaving the scene and "hitting the same car again as he left the scene," according to a police statement. The men in the Buick followed him.

The agencies say minutes later he struck another vehicle, a Honda Accord, in a nearby community, and police arriving found him unconscious behind the wheel of his car.

I don't know about anyone else, but I have a problem with their explanation that it was caused by a seizure.

1) He hits a car

2) He then gets out and exchanges info with the other driver (during a seizure?)

3) He then drives off, hitting the same car a second time (Did this "seizure" just kinda come and go?)

4) Minutes later, he hits another car. Did he have yet another seizure?

My understanding of seizures is that you would not be getting out of a car and cogently exchanging insurance info with someone. The seizure would had to have been over by that point, I should think. If not, how was he functioning at all?

Frankly, I think the "seizure" excuse is just a lame excuse for what really transpired. And if drugs or alcohol were not involved, why the need to cover up with a "seizure" that comes and goes several times over the course of this event?

Did anyone ask the guy he was exchanging insurance info with whether or not Bryson appeared to be having a seizure?

Fishy, to say the least.


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