Sunday, June 3, 2012

Liberal Desperation In WI Leads To False Allegations

Here's the latest on the desperation of union liberals to try and recall Governor Walker in Wisconsin. This is a typical trick of deceit practiced by liberals and invoked just days before an election in order to smear their opponent without giving them time to respond.

A Facebook post by David Shuster of the far-left Take Action News said, "According to government lawyers familiar with a Milwaukee criminal corruption probe, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is now a 'target' of their investigation."

However, there is absolutely ZERO evidence of any such targeting of Walker, and no "government lawyers" have gone on record to substantiate Shuster's claim. It is nothing more than a phony allegation in order to smear Walker just days before the election. But the liberal hatchet job does not stop there...

On Twitter, Wisconsin Democratic Party Communications Director Graeme Zielinski replied to Walker's denial by saying, "If @GovWalker had a letter or evidence clearing him in corruption probe, don't you know he'd rent a firetruck." And that is the lowest thing of all - everyone knows you cannot disprove the existence of something that does not exist. If Walker is NOT the target of a probe, how would it be possible to produce a letter to that effect. Have YOU ever received a letter from the government telling you that you are NOT a target of a probe? No. The only ones who get letters are those who ARE a target. The government must notify them. But they do not notify people who are not involved in a probe.

Wisconsin Democratic Party Communications Director Zielinski is nothing less than a troll. He knows that he is asking the impossible, knowing Walker CANNOT provide any "letter". That's like asking someone to prove there is (or is not) a God. Can't be done. But just because the Pope cannot produce a letter from the Diety to prove His existence does not mean He does not exist.

You cannot prove a negative. Everyone knows it. But liberal Democrats use that tactic all the time. They use it before every election. Like their phony allegations of an affair between McCain and some woman. Or asking Meg Whitman to somehow prove she was unaware her previous housekeeper was an illegal.

And they will use this tactic against Romney in October (hence the name "October Surprise"). They will invent some bogus story that reflects badly on Romney, and Romney will not have enough time before the election to douse the flames. Trust me - Democrats will do EXACTLY that, so look for it.

Frankly, America would be better served if we could get Congress to pass a law making it a felony to make public any smear on a political candidate that cannot be verified with proof. If you cannot prove it, don't publish it. But Congress would never pass such a law that would result in putting most of them in the walls of prison instead of the Halls of Congress.


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