Saturday, June 9, 2012

Remember The Movie "Soylent Green"?

The movie plot revolved around a world in which there were far too many people, and far too little food. So the government created a food replacement called soylent green. No one ever thought to ask where the nutrients of soylent green were coming from. As it turned out, older persons were "eliminated" and turned into soylent green. It was the only source of food available.

And that brings me to the current world. In the '50's it was recognized that there was already an unsustainable population, so more "food" sources were needed. And in the '60's we were introduced to a new "food" developed from soybeans. Soybeans are actually toxic, and must be seriously processed with another toxic substance to make soy an edible product. It was a way to help feed a burgeoning population. But there was one little problem - the population just keeps on exploding exponentially. We now have nearly 7 billion humans on this rock we call home, and that is expected to double in this coming generation. And the real problem is simply that while the population is expanding, the amount of land needed for agriculture is not. In fact, it is shrinking big time as humans propagate. We need space for homes, work, parking lots, highways, stores, airports...

So science has to come up with MORE "foods" that aren't food, and convince us they are great for us. Instead of sugar, it's now "high fructose corn syrup". And there's tofu. And about 70 other "foods" that were not foods just a generation ago. Science is struggling to produce more food using less space. The result is that much of our food is not food at all.

HINT: If it wasn't food 100 years ago, it's not food now.

But the world needs these fake foods, because we cannot produce enough real food.

I contend that much of our medical ills are brought on from these fake foods. Our bodies have spent a million years with certain nutritional needs from natural sources. And in one or two generations, our bodies are being forced to accept foods that were never intended for our bodies. The result? Increasing illnesses and obesity.

This might also explain why liberals are so adamant about abortion rights - many liberals strongly believe in population control. Some (like Carl Sandburg) have even advocated euthanasia of those who are unable to contribute substantially to society.

Soylent Green, anyone?

This may have you asking, "What can I do about it?"

All I can tell you is what I, myself, am doing, and have done for years. I raise my own crops, and even some of my meat, all on my own land. My garden is only 1/4 acre and feeds my family of three, plus our pets. And our meat rabbits (the leanest meat on Earth) only take up about 100 square feet of barn area, and they produce enough to provide our family with about 1/3 of our meat and all the meat for our 5 miniature schnauzers. The rest we trade or sell. The money we get from rabbit sales is used to buy chicken or beef to round out our diet.

The rabbit droppings are the best natural fertilzer available, and keeps our garden space fertile.

I realize not everyone can do what we do, but almost everyone can do something. Even window boxes can grow a few crops. Imagine - if every person in America were to grow even 5 pounds of food each year, that would increase the supply of natural, healthy food to the tune of over 15 million pounds per year.

Just so you know - I have a raised bed I use especially to grow carrots. The bed is 4'x16' - doesn't take much room. And it produces over 200 pounds of carrots every year. The same space would also grow about 40 pounds of peas. So you see, it doesn't take much for a person to contribute to their own needs.

Imagine - a buck for carrot seed, and  you get 200 pounds of food!

It sure beats soylent green...


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