Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Obama Can't Give Our Money Away Fast Enough

I have been posting for years that the Democrats are intentionally trying to get most Americans addicted to entitlements because the people would then keep voting Democrat in order to keep their freebies - just like what has happened in Greece, and is now happening throughout Europe. And now there is proof.

The Obama administration is using TAXPAYER money to run ads enticing more people to sign up for food stamps. People who need food stamps already know about food stamps.

I never thought I would see the day when people would be so stupid as to think money should be spent trying to give away more money at a time when the country is nearing bankruptcy. It's an outrage!

And it is even more outrageous that Obama is using taxpayer money to buy votes.

But that is what the Democrats have been doing since Johnson's "Great Society" of welfare. They do not give a Horton's Hoot about the poor or minorities other than to toss them bones in order to get their votes. Democrats need to keep the poor in poverty, and the minorities angry. If the poor ever became middle class, they would no longer vote for Democrats who are now giving away THEIR tax money.

That is exactly what happened in Greece. The bureaucrats kept giving the people freebies in order to keep the people under their thumb and  secure their votes. And it led to bankruptcy. But hey, at least the bureaucrats keep getting elected!


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