Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Left's Crazy Rants On Romney Horses

Some of the whackos on the left are ranting about Romney's claim of a tax deduction for horses based on the therapeutic value of horses and dressage for his wife, suffering MS. I can state unequivically that dressage is, indeed, therapeutic for several conditions, including MS, Downes Syndrome and others.

Having worked several years for the Moore Center for mentally and physically impaired persons, horse dressage was often PRESCRIBED by doctors for certain clients. It seems there is some sort of calming effect when working with horses that helps some people, especially those suffering from muscular problems.

Of course, we would never expect people on the left - especially the crazed liberals - to understand that. I doubt many of them have ever heard of such therapy - and doubt many have ever seen a real horse, for that matter.

By taking on like this about issues for which they have no knowledge, they continue to prove to the world how ignorant they really are.


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