Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Are U.S. Circuit Courts Manned By Morons?

A federal appeals court on Tuesday upheld the first-ever regulations by the EPA aimed at reducing the gases blamed for global warming.

This came because SCOTUS, in its ignorance of actual science, had earlier ruled that CO2 is a "pollutant". It is not - it is one of the normal gases in the atmosphere. For the record, all plant life BREATHES CO2. Without CO2, plant life dies - and so do we.

More to the point in this new ruling, the court "found" that the EPA could regulate "greenhouse gases" including CO2 because they "harm human life and welfare." Of course, try as they might, that has never been proved. So, the courts in their moronic folly have granted a non-elected organization the right to regulate gases based on unproven theories in ways that will be detrimental to all of us - less fuel available, at much higher cost. WOW! Just how stupid ARE these people, anyway?

And how stupid are the voters who keep electing the idiots that make it all possible? Doncha think it's about time we started taking more responsibility for becoming more informed before voting, and holding elected officials' feet to the fire?

I've said it many times before - if you want to reduce CO2 emissions, it's as simple as having all liberals stop breathing. They're the ones who want it reduced - let them be the ones to suffer for it.


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