Saturday, June 23, 2012

Why The President Should Not Make Law

Recently the president decided to AGAIN by-pass Congress and legitimize many illegal immigrants and give them work permits. But because the president did not bother to research anything, and did not consider the consequences, chaos will ensue. Here's why...

First, immigration is too complex for one person to deal with, or even fully understand. To make law based on either the insufficient or faulty reasoning of ONE PERSON based on nothing more than "it's fair" is just asking for disaster.

Let's take a brief look --- Obama says any illegal between 16 and 30 who came as a child will have immunity and can get work permits. Sounds good. But tell us, Mr. President - how do we know WHICH 30 year old immigrants came here as a child? WHO will decide that? WHAT expensive bureaucracy will be needed to iron this out? None. Nada. So now, ANY illegal immigrant between 16 and 30 - that's most of the illegals - will have immunity. Instead of 800,000 it will be closer to 7 million.

The government's own statistics show that jobs are more scarce now than at any time in two generations. But now millions of illegals will be able to take what few jobs there are - and they will get them, too, because they will work for less than American workers.

There is a lot more that is wrong with Obama's ill-thought-out "Dream Act Lite." And that is why it is always wrong for one person to DICTATE law. And it is why our Founding Fathers chose a representative form of government, where ONLY THE LEGISTIVE BODY can make law, and the EXECUTIVE BODY is limited to ENFORCING the laws Congress passes.

But not King Obama. He has often said he does not care about Congress, or the laws it passes, and has chosen more than once to ignore laws he does not like, and replace them with his own one-man edicts.

It would not be so bad if it were not for his being such an incompetent amateur, and so far over his head that he's taking us all down with him.


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