Saturday, June 2, 2012

A Pattern of Lawlessness

In April, a 26 year old woman named Cruz was evicted from her home in Minneapolis for failing to pay for the home.

Most people realize that if you can't pay for something, you lose it, as well you should. After all, you can't go around collecting stuff and expecting to keep it for free. Of course, the "gimmee" people think that is how things should be - they should be able to have what everyone else has, and if they can't afford it they should get it free. But if that were the case, most businesses would go bankrupt - without getting paid for their products, they go belly up. Then no one will have anything.


Ms Cruz had come here as an illegal immigrant, from Mexico City. And a pattern of lawlessness begins - apparently her family had no respect for America's laws.

She goes on to "fight" for the DREAM act, which would bestow citizenship rights to most illegals. Again, we have a mindset that people should get a free ride as if it were a birthright.

Just prior to eviction, Cruz invited many of her activist friends to live in the house with her, in an attempt to thwart the eviction and to stand up for her "right" to stay in the home she was not paying for. More disregard for the law.

In April, Cruz left. But since then Occupy protesters have been staying at the house, trying to keep police from vacating it. As protesters are arrested, more move in.

It seems the Occupy folks also have no regard for the law OR for the property of others.

There is a pattern of lawlessness among those on the far left - Occupiers, illegals, drug users etc. In each case, these people have zero respect for anyone or anything. Their only objective in life is to live without the restrictions that come with laws. Society makes laws for the express purpose of protecting rights. But those on the far left care nothing about the rights of others - only about the rights they think THEY are entitled to. THEY have a right to protest YOU, but they do not believe YOU have the right to protest them. THEY have a right to a free ride, but YOU don't - YOU are the one they feel should be paying for their free ride.

Their disrespect of people, property and laws are the core of these people. They are selfish whiners who are absolutely useless to any civilized society. And we will all be better off if authorities finally begin to enforce the laws and crack down on the pattern of lawlessness that these people perpetuate.


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