Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Government Control of Our Choices

It's rampant! Government is inserting itself into every aspect of pour lives, taking away our choices and replacing those choices with THEIR choices. A true Nanny State.

First, they took away the right to smoke, sometimes in our own homes! Then they started taking away our salt. Then our sugar. Then our soda. They took away the right of a child to have a lemonade stand, or sell Girl Scout cookies. They took away the right to grow herbs (under the "unkempt property" laws). In Georgia they even took away a gardener's right to GIVE AWAY excess produce from his garden. The list of rights and liberties the various intrusive governments have taken away from "free citizens" in the last 20 years is in the thousands. Literally.

The government has NO right to take the liberties from ANYONE. The government may only restrict freedoms in cases where the freedom of one person interferes directly with the freedom of another, or where it poses a real and direct threat to the health and/or welfare of the community at large.

If a person makes food choices that lead to obesity or other medical condition, that is the person's right to choose - as a woman has a right to control her body (Roe v Wade), everyone has the same right. Granted, a person's poor choices could end up costing taxpayers for his medical care, as society is currently set up. But I contend society is set up incorrectly.

Each person has the right to choose, but by the same token, each person has the onligation to take responsibility for those choices. THAT is how a viable society works. If a person makes poor choices, he must live with, or deal with the consequences, without imposing on others to "bail him out."

Americans keep saying they are tired of bailouts. But our government, and our society is set up to bail everyone out of every bad choice they make. Don't want to get educated or get a job? Just collect the welfare bailout. Made poor food choices and got sick? Just get the free medical care or free insurance bailout. Spilled your hot coffee in your own lap? Just sue the coffee vendor and get your bailout from him. Slept around with 40 guys at the party last month, and now you are pregnant? No problem - get a bailout from an abortion clinic, often courtesy of the taxpayer.

In a FREE society as American once was, every citizen had rights. And with those rights it was understood there were responsibilities. If you demand a right, but refuse to accept the responsibility, what you have is a society that degrades into the dole system of the Roman Empire. [Brief history lesson - the Roman Empire was the greatest empire on Earth, and was destroyed by the dole (welfare/entitlement) system].

Liberals have spent 100 years setting up a system where people no longer have to be responsible for themselves. And that only encourages more bad choices, as consequences no longer play into the decision making process. And that is precisely why liberal societies have ALWAYS failed. Every one.

I say, STAY OUT of my personal choices, and let ME take personal responsibility for those choices. If they kill me - THAT IS MY CHOICE.


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