Sunday, June 17, 2012

Greece, the Euro & Abject Stupidity

As Greece considers abandoning the European Union and dumping the Euro, markets around the world tremble. And once again we see the debilitating effects of putting all our eggs in one basket.

Governments around the globe keep insisting on the stupidity of centralizing everything - money, electrical power, communications, food supplies etc. And they do this even after repeatedly being slapped down by natural forces that abhor centralization. The Euro is just one example.

When I was a kid, what happened in Greece had no effect on America to speak of. In fact, the financial affairs of any other country would have minimal effect on us. Then came the progrssive politicians and their call for "globalization", to insure that there would have to be peace on Earth because we all become connected and dependent upon one another.

What they fail to understand is that dependency is the road to failure, not success. America became the greatest power on Earth because we were INdependent, and refused to be dependent on others.

Our progressive politicians have successfully centralized far, far too many things. It would only take one large solar flare like the one that hit in the 1860's to completely wipe out all communications worldwide. And it would only take one act of terrorism to shut down the entire electrical grid across North America.

That is the problem with centralization (globalization) - it only takes one, small monkey wrench to destroy everything.

We need to become LESS dependent on others - including less dependent upon our own governments' social programs, which are designed by progressives to indoctrinate us all into a single society, all dependent upon others.

The biggest reason we should NOT become dependent upon others is the simple fact that NO ONE ON EARTH will be as interested in your fate as YOU. NO ONE will have YOUR best interests at heart. Just look at the U.N. - when was the last time they considered the best interests of America?

If Greece dumps the Euro, while it may have rippling effects worldwide, it would be the smartest thing Greece has done in generations.

And we, in America, should learn from this fiasco - do we really want our nation and its people to be at the mercy of some crappy little third world country that decides to upset the apple cart? Do we REALLY want to be one of the eggs in the basket when the basket gets dropped?

Wake up, America! We are headed for disaster unless we back off the "Global Freight Train" that is headed for derailment.


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