Monday, June 25, 2012

Where SCOTUS Went Wrong On AZ Immigration Law

Today SCOTUS struck down a state's right to defend itself from invasion from illegal immigrants. They did uphold the state's right to check immigration status, which is good. But states cannot do anything to protect themselves if the government fails to.

That is so very wrong. That is like telling someone that, if their life is threatened, to wait for the police to show up. If they fail to protect you, then you simply must roll over and die, because you have no right to defend yourself. That is the job of your local law enforcement, and if they cannot or will not do their job, then you must surrender your life.

That's BS.

If the federal government wants to be the ONLY authority in immigration, then they must assume the responsibility to act accordingly. And if SCOTUS is to deem that states cannot protect themselves, then they should have simultaneously ordered the federal government to enforce current immigration laws. If the state is to be deprived of the right of self defense, then the government must take the responsibility of defending the state.


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