Thursday, June 28, 2012

Did Justice Roberts Do Republicans A Great Favor?

I am looking a little deeper into the possible intent of Justice Roberts' decision to side with the liberal justices in upholding ObamaCare. I believe it was a calculated, shrewd move on his part to strengthen the Republican party.

By upholding ObamaCare, the court has managed to do what no one else - not even the Tea Party - could do. They have galvanized not only Republicans, but most Independents and Libertarians into a solid block. This one decision by Justice Roberts - who could have swung the decision by himself - will insure that the vast majority of Americans who oppose ObamaCare will vote to elect a Republican President and Congress, so ObamaCare can be repealed.

And many of those people may hold their noses as they vote Republican, but will do so because of Obamacare.

Justice Roberts has lit a fire under a lot of folks who might otherwise have stayed home on election day. Had Roberts voted to kill ObamaCare, a lot of people whose main reason for going to the polls was to repeal ObamaCare would no longer have the motivation to vote, resulting in Republicans losing elections.

Roberts is not dumb. I think he knew EXACTLY what he was doing. He was saying to conservatives throughout the country, "If you don't like it, GET OUT AND VOTE TO CHANGE IT." And that means votes for Republicans.

He also made it a point to call it what it is - a TAX. Obama promised no taxes on the middle class, but this is the biggest middle-class tax hike in history. By allowing it ONLY because it is a tax, Roberts made certain that Obama loses the argument that he has not raised taxes on the middle class.
If anyone doubts this was the intent of Justice Roberts, read his opinion - it ends by expressing exactly that - if you do not like the law, then elect people who will change it.

And it appears to be working - the Romney campaign reports that in just the two hours following the decision, they have received over a million bucks in contributions!


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Joy said...

Yes, he did and it's unfortunate to hear the commentary on outlets like FOX News. Way too many pundits unfairly trashing the man and I heard one today calling for him to resign.

If Roberts went along with the dissent, it would have fired up the democratic base which would only help Obama. The class warfare would intensify with an "us (poor) against them (rich) rhetoric. Romney is as exciting as Pelosis in a bikini...need I say more????? He needs the base and the Tea Party to rally the troops.

The Obama celebration is going to be short-lived. The ruling throws the issue right back at Congress since SC case law states it's a tax. I don't care what Barry and his cronies call it, it's a tax and they can't sell it any other way. I'm sure you recall that the only reason the Bill got passed to begin with was due to democratic control. Now we have a different Congress and with the Bill's unpopularity, Republicans have a strong chance of capturing the Senate.

What Roberts did was brilliant. He basically kicked the sleeping giant right off his bed. The Republicans have been given an opportunity to come back swinging with a bat...they better not screw it up.

Appreciate your thoughts and I'm glad I am not alone in this thinking.