Monday, June 4, 2012

Democrat Fuzzy Math Doesn't Add Up

There are three kinds of people - those who are good at math, and Democrats.

This one is so blatantly false that it's only usefulness is for a good laugh. In the latest ad by the Obama campaign, Sarah Jessica Parker says "Obama has created 4.3 million American jobs."

Let's check that math  - there are only 180 million adults in America. Four percent (7 million) will never be employed - alcoholics, homeless, career welfare etc. Now, approximately 40 million people draw Social Security.  And 24 million are unemployed or underemployed. That leaves about 109 million available for employment.

Now, if Obama created 4.3 million jobs, that means he is responsible for employing one in every 25 people working people owe their jobs to Obama. Really? That means for every 25 people among your family and friends, one had to get a job because of Obama policies. Among the hundreds I know, I don't think I know even one who got a job because of Obama policies.

The CBO says the so-called "stimulus" created about 749,000 jobs. The Stimulus bill was $787 billion. That means the cost per job is roughly $1.05 million per job. Wouldn't you just love to have a job that pays a million? Solyndra, for example, got almost $500 milllion and only created 15 jobs - and then went bankrupt. So, while those 15 expensive jobs were created, they certainly were not permanent, and were subsequently lost. In fact, most of the jobs created have since been lost because government stimulus jobs go away once the stimulus money runs out.

I still think politicians should be charged with a felony for knowingly lying to their constituents. That is a betrayal of our trust.


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