Wednesday, June 20, 2012

WH Protects Holder By Claim Of Executive Privilege

Just as Congress was about to cite AG Holder for contempt, the White House jumps into the fray and claims executive privilege in not producing the documents Congress needs to get to the bottom of who was responsible for Fast & Furious and the death of a border agent. Bear in mind, the President can only claim executive privilege on documents that pertain to the President DIRECTLY. So, is the White House saying Obama is implicated in Fast & Furious? Holder testified UNDER OATH that neither he nor the President were aware of Fast & Furious until after the fact, and the President stated that he learned about it "in the news". The fact that executive privilege is being invoked tells us both were lying - the privilege cannot extend beyond direct involvement, i.e. national security, for example.

Let's cut the crap, folks. Let's not lose sight of the most important thing here - that Attorney General Holder, and President Obama himself, are going to great lengths to hide something. So the ONLY real question is WHY?

What is so devastating to Holder and the Obama administration that they risk everything to keep it secret. How bad IS it? I'll make a prediction - eventually it will come out that Holder and Obama decided to use Fast & Furious to incite enough violence so enraged and frightened Americans would demand that gun rights be curbed. That this whole thing was designed to change public opinion on the 2nd Amendment. Bet on it.

When we step into the voting booth in November, ask yourself - is this corrupt, secretive, gangster-style politics what you want? If your answer is "no", then vote the crooked, corrupt, lying, cheating, stealing, treasonous bums out.

I am tired of all the lies and excuses coming from this administration. I am tired of hearing them blame everything and everyone else for the problems they either created or cannot solve. I am tired of the secrecy, the back-door deals in a dark alley that would not survive a light being shone on them. I am tired of being told things are getting better when they are not. I am tired of losing more and more freedoms every day. I am tired of some nitwit who THINKS he's smarter than me trying to tell me what I can and cannot eat or drink. I am tired of morons apologizing for America. I am tired of having America's power eroded, and our exceptionalism denied.

I am tired of this bunch of clowns that took over, and trashed, the White House and our good name in the world.

You bet your sweet butt I'll be voting in November - even if I have to climb out of the grave to do it! Our country is at stake.


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