Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Why Women CANNOT Trust Obama

Three words - "Life of Julia"

On the Obama website the Democrats posted a cute story about the "Life of Julia". From the day she is born, Julia partakes of, and benefits from government assistance. WIC, Pell Grants and student loans, food stamps, welfare, Medicare, Social Security. At every stage of life the skit shows how Julia simply would never survive without government help.

This says all you really need to know as to how Obama and his minions view women - they need to be "taken care of" by government. They simply cannot make it on their own.

Republicans see women as equals, and not simply concerned about issues of sex such as abortion and contraceptives. Republicans see woman as strong, independent, and involved, caring about all the same issues as their male counterparts (though they may not agree on those issues).

Certainly, women often earn less than men, but that statistic does not account for variables such as more women choose to work "mother's hours", or part-time, and more women take maternity leave. These things affect their annual pay. But among professional women who work the same hours as men, doing the same work, women often out-earn the men. They have been CEO's of Hewlitt Packard and EBay (both Republican, by the way). Bear in mind - Pelosi's (D) female staff get paid less than her male staff.

The point is, the Democrat's story on "The Life Of Julia" tells exactly how they feel about women, and how they believe women are helpless and incapable of caring for themselves. No Republican has ever gone there. Nor would they.


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