Friday, September 14, 2012

Are Liberals Bringing Back McCarthyism?

In the 1950's, as the fear of communism swept across America, Senator Joe McCarthy began his Commission for UnAmerican Activities. And this brought even more fear than communism, since the American tenet of "innocent until proved guilty" was replaced by "guilty until you prove yourself innocent." Americans from all walks of life - and especially Hollywood - were dragged in front of Congress and told to prove allegations by anonymous sources made against them for being communist sympathizers were not true. Guilty until proved innocent. Even Lucille Ball was brought before the committee.

It has been nearly 60 years since that ugly time. And now it appears that liberals are bringing it back.

A few weeks ago, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid accused Mitt Romney, without any evidence,  of not having paid any income taxes in 10 years, then said "if that is not true, PROVE IT. Present your tax records." Guilty until proved innocent. Reid claimed he got the info from an "anonymous source."

Just the other day in Franklin County, MA, the liberal candidate told the police chief that she "had it on good authority" that her Republican opponent bought drugs. No evidence was offered - just another "anonymous source." Come to find out, the Republican opponent was completely innocent and the accusation was made up in order to score political points. But the "guilty until proved innocent" theme ran through it.

I can cite numerous instances where liberals of late have used "McCarthyism" to win political power, but I think you get the point. Their normal playbook of deceit has turned a new page, to treachery.

Look for more of this, real soon, as this sort of character assassination from unfounded allegations by anonymous sources is a powerful and effective weapon for liberals seeking to hold onto power. And it comes not only from politicians, but the liberal lamestream media, as well.


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