Thursday, September 13, 2012

Before You Vote - Or Decide Not To...

Altogether too many people vote for a party, rather than a leader who can and will do the job. And the most foolish will vote color (either for or against). Before stepping into the voting booth - or before you decide not to - understand that THIS election is the most important one in generations. This election will decide the fate of America - will we be a nation of independent, strong people or one where America becomes just another "also ran", with its people dependent upon government, as addicts are dependent upon their dealers.

So, consider the following:

Unemployment above 8% for 4 years

Downgraded by S&P

Inflation up

Food prices rising sharply

Gas prices highest ever

Arab Spring supported by administration becomes Arab Winter

Iran on verge of nuclear weapons

Administration disses our allies - Israel, UK

Current lack of foreign policy results in deadly attacks on U.S. Embassies

Median income drops $4,000 per year

Moody's threatens downgrade

Administration does not even meet with Republican leaders

Administration does not meet with his own Jobs Council

Obama is AWOL for 50% of his daily "Intelligence Briefings"

Obama ignores suggestions of his own Debt Commission

Medicare to be bankrupt in 12 years, Obama wants no changes

And guess what? Fifty percent of Americans STILL want to re-elect this dangerous amateur. As Thomas Jefferson once stated so well, "Everyone gets the government they deserve." Stupid people get bad government.

Americans should take a cue from the First Law in any class on leadership - "Get results, or get replaced." We should never settle for those who only TRY hard. We need to hire leaders wo GET THE JOB DONE!


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