Tuesday, September 18, 2012

We Have A Right To Know...

Americans have a right to know about the things that do, or will affect us, and the government has an OBLIGATION to answer to us. But they choose not to.

We have a right to know:

What is the government covering up what happened in Libya? The government has stated they will not tell us.

Why is Attorney General Holder hiding the files on Fast & Furious?

Why did Obama give Holder cover by claiming Exective Privilege?

Why is the Department of Justice working closely with the uber-liberal socialist group, Media Matters and George Soros

Why is the Obama administration in secret negotiations with Egypt to release the "Blind Sheik", responsible for the first bombing of the World Trade Center and do so AFTER the election?

Why has Obama refused to meet with Netanyahu, but runs off to meet with Beyonce and Jay-Z?

Why did Obama invite the Muslim Brotherhood to the WH, but spurns the leader of Israel?

Why is Obama saying the world likes us more NOW, in spite of the worldwide protests against us?

Why is Obama doubling down on a foreign policy that caused all this uproar?   We have a right to know. And if they will not tell us, we have an obligation to fire them in November.   /

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