Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Need For A Constitutional Amendment

Over the last 50 years (since the liberal Warren Court kicked God out of the public square), there has been an unceasing attack on religion in America, led by anti-American forces like the ACLU and the Freedom From Religion foundation. These groups have actually reversed the 1st Amendment which states "Congress shall make NO LAW" infringing the freedom of religion or the practice thereof. They have used the supposed "separation of church and state" argument  (which is NOT in the Constitution) to limit the freedom that the Constitution says shall not be limited.

Limiting religious rights is causing great harm to the American society. If this attack is not curbed, it will successfully bring an end to Christianity within another generation, and leave believers to practice secretly in the dark - which is exactly what caused our ancestors to leave Europe and come to this country 500 years ago. Religious persecution. It is alive and well, right here in America.

Congress should  propose a new Constitutional Amendment that reads, "No local, state or federal government may interfere in any individual's right to practice their religion at any time or place of their choosing, nor enact any law prohibiting or restricting said right and it shall not constitute state support of said practice." If you believe in freedom of religion, please email this paragraph to your representatives and senators in Washington.

If you choose to wait, or hope others will do this for you, the constant erosion of our rights will make it impossible to do later. There will not be enough support.

This would restore religious freedom. We could pray in school if we so choose. We could invoke God's blessing at a public meeting. And these acts would not constitute government support of that religion - only support of the individual's right to practice it.

And there would be a great side benefit - it would give the shaft to the ACLU and Freedom From Religion fascists.


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