Thursday, September 6, 2012

Facts Bill Clinton Conveniently Left Out

Last evening Bill Clinton laid out a lot of "facts", but what is important are the facts he conveniently left out. When ALL the facts are observed, it shows a completely different story.

Clinton said that Republicans held the oval office for a few more years than Democrats over the last 50 years (28 vs 24), and during their tenure they created far fewer jobs than when Democrats held the White House. But here is what he left out...

The Democrats have been the majority in Congress for about 40 of the last 60 years. The Democrats have controlled at least one or the other of the 2 branches over 50 of the 60 years. And it is CONGRESS, not the President, that passes legislation that creates, or loses, jobs. The Democrats have controlled both Houses from 2007 - 2010, which is the period of highest unemployment, up to 10.3%.

When we have a Republican president, but a Congress controlled by Democrats, you cannot expect legislation that will make the president look good, so jobs will suffer.

And Clinton did not point out that more jobs were created per year under a Republican controlled Congress than under any Democrat controlled Congress. For example, Clinton points to all the jobs and prosperity created under his administration. What he did not point out was that Congress was controlled by the Newt Gingrich Republican Congress. THEY passed legislation that created all that prosperity. Clinton merely signed it.

And that is what happens when someone like Bill Clinton cites only SOME of the facts and not all of them. His limited use of facts points to prosperity under Democrats. But looking at ALL the facts, a completely different story unfolds.

Democrats do that on purpose, to mislead voters. Just like when they claim Democrats passed the Civil Rights Act in spite of Republican opposition. But if you look at the actual Congressional record, a higher percentage of Republicans than Democrats voted for the Civil Rights Act, and it was Democrats that filibustered against it.

The truth is a strange thing, sometimes. And rare among liberal Democrats.


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