Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Muslims Attack American Embassies - Time To Take 'Em Out

On the anniversary of 9/11, when Muslim radicals took down the Towers killing 3000 Americans, more radical muslims attacked American Embassies in both Libya and Egypt, killing our Ambassador and several others, then taking down our flag, burning it and replacing it with their own flag.

I will go on record as saying what the White House, the State Department and the mainstream media are too afraid to say - the truth! We should hunt down and eradicate every radical muslim. Wipe them out. They are nothing more than disease-ridden vermin. They have been killing innocent, civilized people for 1500 years, and their forebears have been murdering since Abraham's two sons parted company to father the two warring nations - the civilized versus the uncivilized.

Radical Islamists murder innocent people because someone threatens to burn a COPY of their "sacred" text. They murder innocent people because someone names her classroom pet "Muhammad'. They murder innocent people because someone draws a cartoon of Muhammad. They murder innocent people for any reason, and no reason. They don't need a reason - they murder, anyway. They LOOK for reasons to murder. They are heathens. They murder because they believe murder is a pasttime, not a crime.

No person of any other belief system in the world would murder unrelated, innocent people for doing any of those things. So what if someone names their pet Muhammad - if I name my dog William, does that mean I did it as a personal insult to President William Clinton? When was the last (or first) time Christians went on a murdering rampage because someone insulted Jesus?

Radical Muslims are not human. They are uncivilized, murderous barbarians. And uncivilized, murderour barbarians need to be hunted down and eliminated on the spot, just as we would hunt down and kill plague-ridden rats, or mosquitos that carry West Nile virus.

As the Bible so clearly stated it, "When the heathens come upon thee, ye shall smite them, kill them, drive them to the ends of the Earth." Because heathens like these radical Muslims, left unchecked, will destroy everything they touch. And make no mistake - they ARE out to destroy us and everything we hold dear, because that is what their "sacred" text tells them they must do.

Our countrymen, being decent, gracious people are unwilling to recognize what is going on. Radical Islam declared war on us 30 years ago, and we refuse to believe it. There is a religious war going on, and only the enemy is fighting that war. We need to fight back, or we will lose.

Look at Iran, building nuclear weapons. Iran already supplies terrorists with weapons all over the world. Imagine when (not if) they share the technology for providing them with dirty bombs? Does any sane person believe they will not use it? That they will suddenly decide to stop supplying weapons to terrorists? Get a clue!

For now, let's get Congress to shut off ALL funding to Egypt and Libya until such time as their governments decide to support freedom and Democracy, and protect the rights of all.


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