Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Did Obama Gut Welfare Reform?

Romney says Obama has gutted welfare reform, and without the authority to do so. There is no doubt that Obama has no authority to change existing law without Congress, but the question as to whether it guts welfare reform is open for discussion.

Here's the meat of it...

Obama gave states permission to change the work requirements by allowing them to define "work" in other ways, supposedly "in order to increase employment." But here's the problem - some states plan to define "yoga classes", "reading books" and "bed rest" as employment in order to justify expanding welfare.

The result? Although no jobs are added, and those people are not earning a dime, they can now legally be called "employed". This makes the unemployment rate go down, even though they are still unemployed. Not only that, states would qualify for MORE taxpayer money to give away to people who refuse work.

More people on welfare, getting taxpayer support for laying in bed. The unemployment rate becomes a lie, making politicians look good.

Yeah, I'd say Obama gutted welfare reform.


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