Monday, September 3, 2012

The REAL War On Women - The Truth Is Out

We are all familiar with the infamous "War on Women", where the Democrats say Republicans hate women, and want to keep them "down". But now we finally have the truth, right from the mouthpiece for the Democrat Party, the DNC Chairperson Debbie Wasserman-Schultz.

Wasserman-Schultz stated that the women speakers at the Republican Convention were "nothing more than shiny packaging". Really? GOVERNOR Susana Martinez, GOVERNOR Nikki Haley, SECRETARY OF STATE Condolessa Rice - all of them far more accomplished than Wasserman-Schultz. Yet, to the Democrat party, those very accomplished and powerful women are only "shiny packaging."

That is what Democrats think of Republican women, no matter who they are, or how accomplished they may be. And that tells the REAL story...

Democrats only care about DEMOCRAT women, DEMOCRAT African-Americans, DEMOCRAT Hispanics. Are you seeing it? If not, here is the point - the Democrats are ONLY for DEMOCRATS, regardless of color, gender, religion etc.. This means they are NOT for women, African-Americans or Hispanics - UNLESS they vote Democrat.

The real "war on women" is being waged by the Democrats, as evidenced by Wasserman-Schultz' comment that Republican women are "only shiny packaging". Does that sound like they are FOR women? No - they are for Democrats, period.

You would never hear any Republican in power accuse any Democrat women of accomplishment as mere "shiny packaging." That's because Republicans actually DO respect women, unlike their Democrat counterparts. And while it may sound as if I do not respect Wasserman-Schultz, it has nothing to do with her being a woman. I disrespect her because almost every word out of her mouth is either a blatant, proven lie, or an unfounded insult.

The "War on Women" is being waged by the Democrats, as stated by their own party head. As for more evidence, just watch the Democrat National Convention this week - they will center primarily on their assumption that the only issues women should be concerned with are contraception and abortion. Watch if they don't. In other words, if it's not about sex, women have nothing to contribute to the conversation. Talk about mysogynists!

Democrats belittle Hispanic Republicans, African-American Republicans and Republican women. So they really cannot say with any honesty that they are FOR hispanics, African-Americans or women. They are not. Nor can they say Republicans are against them, not as long as Republicans keep electing competent people like Rice, Matinez, Rubio, West, Steele, Haley, Brewer and many others to high offices.

A final note - Democrats historically and by platform offer women and minorities hand-outs. Republicans historically and by platform offer them a hand UP.

Yes, there is a war on women - as well as a war on minorities. But it is being waged by the Democrats, not the Republicans.


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