Thursday, September 6, 2012

Liberals Are All Wet - Corporations ARE "People"

Earlier this year Mitt Romney said "Corporations are people." The left went nuts (well, MORE nuts). Last night at the Democratic Convention, Elizabeth Warren scolded Romney, saying "Mr. Romney, corporations are NOT people."

As usual, Granny Warren is wrong. Considering she is a Harvard Professor, you would think she might be familiar with 3rd grade English. So, for the benefit of all those loons on the left who keep claiming how much smarter they are than us little people, here's heads up - "people" is plural. Meaning a group of persons.

Now, I think Granny Warren is confusing "people" with "person". Corporations are not persons. Not individuals. But they are people - a group of persons, just like a union is people, or your family is people.

Every corporation has to file papers for incorporation in which the primary persons must identify themselves. They are the people that originally make up the corporation, by law. Then, hopefully they will add employees - more people.

Corporations are, indeed, people. Just like families are people, and towns are people (and are also incorporated).

The far-left liberals like the fake Indian Elizabeth Warren are so eager to fulfill their socialist agenda that they will say or do anything. Tell any lie (look at Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, who can't open her mouth without prevaricating. She even lied about her lies).

It is also strange that Granny Warren would complain about the system being "rigged", when it is she and her kind who do the rigging. For example, she lied about being a Native American in order to secure her position. She rigged it, and a qualified person lost out.

Obama "rigged" it for Solyndra, pushing out other independent businesses. Rigged it for unions by stealing stockholders stake in GM and giving it to the UAW. Yes, there is rigging going on - and it's the far-left loons doing the rigging.


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