Wednesday, September 5, 2012

DNC Speakers - Who Are They, Really?

I remember the real Democrat party of John Fitzgerald Kennedy. For the most part they were honorable people, and they had everyone's respect. Not so much these days, where the party has been hijacked by the far-left. Here are some of the key speakers at the Democratic National Convention - I would have newfound respect for the party if they were to choose credible people representing mainstream values without spinning like a top (or outright lying):

Julian Castro - a LaRaza supporter, whose mother was a member of LaRaza. LaRaza's mission is to flood America with illegal immigrants, then use the power of numbers to secure U.S. citizen rights and citizenship.

Sandra Fluke - well-to-do Georgetown University graduate who wants taxpayers to pay for her sexual activities

Michelle Obama - who once said she was not proud of America for the first 44 years of her life. Now says "you can trust Barak to do what he says". Guess she forgot about Gitmo, or cutting the deficit in half...

DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz - proven pathological prevaricator

Gov. Martin O'Malley - who said "No, we are not better off than 4 years ago", got taken to the Obama woodshed and three hours later said "Yes, we are better off"

Mayor Corey Booker - who said Bain Capital was a good company, was taken to the Obama woodshed and three hours later reversed himself

Senator Harry Reid - yeah, the clown who refuses to put any bill before the Senate for a vote, and has not passed a budget as required by law in three years. Lied about Romney not paying taxes.

Gov. Lincoln Chafee - socialist

Kathleen Sebelius - HHS Secretary who violates the First Amendment, and supported late term abortion for any ol' reason (protected Tiller)

Mayor Rahm Emanuel - no commentary necessary, if you know anything at all about Chicago Thug politics

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa - Said "Republicans 'Can't Just Trot Out A Brown Face' - but Democrats can? Rubio is not JUST a brown face, nor is he a lowly mayor. Ditto with Susana Martinez. Dems believe if you are not Democrat you cannot be Hispanic, or black.

Gov Deval Patrick - has done more to destroy Massachusetts than anyone in history. Let's people use taxpayer-funded assistance to buy alcohol, drugs, cigarettes. "Sanctuary" governor

Elizabeth Warren - Lies about being Indian to get better jobs, is running against Scott Brown for Senate. She gave Obama the "You didn't build it" line.

President Jimmy Carter (via video) - Obama's hero. Presided over highest inflation, highest unemployment rate, highest gas prices and flubbed the Iran hostage situation. Carter's mom, Miss Lillian, had the biggest boobs in the country - Jimmy & Billy

President Bill Clinton - hates Obama, but wants to help Hillary for 2016. Good, Kennedy-style Democrat, but sullied the Oval Office

Former Gov Charlie Crist - first a Republican. Then Independent. Then Democrat. Running out of parties...

Arne Duncan - the lousy state of education in America says it all

Rep Barney Frank - Oversaw Fannie Mae, said it was "sound" just days before the meltdown. Then blamed Republicans.

Rep Luis Gutierrez - publicly wants open borders - c'mon in, terrorists! Welcome

International President SEIU, Mary Kay Henry - SEIU makes no secret about their socialist and communist associations

Eva Longoria - Really? What she understands about the economy and politics would fit in a thimble. But BO is a celebrity groupie

Mayor Thomas Menino - wanted to violate the Constitutional Rights of Chic Fil-A because of politics

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi - "You gotta pass the bill to find out what's in it." "The Constitution? Get serious"

President of Planned Parenthood Action Fund Cecile Richards - Seeks taxpayer funds for abortion, their biggest money-maker

AFL-CIO President Rich Trumpka - wealthy union leader responsible for bankrupting cities and states around the country with excessive pensions and benefits

Rep Chris Van Hollen - no one spins better than this guy. Except maybe Wasserman-Schultz

Joe Biden - Suffers badly from foot-in-mouth disease. Gaffe-Master

Barak Obama - "Bush did it". Presides over 43 months of unemployment over 8%, 16 million more people on food stamps, 1 in 6 Americans in poverty, decreased median income, downgrading of nation's credit, added over $5 trillion to debt, violates religious rights .....


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