Thursday, September 13, 2012

Appeasement Under The Guise Of Diplomacy

Someday, America will go the way of every other great nation, into oblivion. And when that day arrives, the history books will say the Death of Ameraica was brought about through Appeasement and Diplomacy.

Every day we insist on using diplomacy against our enemies like Iran, the Muslim Brotherhood and others who simply want to kill us. Every day we try to appease our enemies with apologies. And it will never work - and it never has. Diplomacy that is not back up with force is nothing more than appeasement.

Imagine being mugged in Central Park. The mugger demands your money and valuables. But instead of beating the crap out of him, you try to talk him into leaving you alone - go mug someone else - "I want to be your friend." Do you really think that will sway him?

Diplomacy works with your neighbor, or your boss. It will never work with an enemy determined to do you harm.

The radical Islamists kill us. We respond with, "Hey, please stop doing that. Let's talk. Here's a billion dollars." They kill more of us, and we condemn what they are doing, talk some more, give them more money. Meanwhile these radical vermin are saying, "We kill, they try diplomacy. We kill some more. They try more diplomacy. Eventually we will have killed them all, but throughout the process they were diplomatic about it."

The Carter, Clinton and Obama administrations have been administrations of appeasement disguised as diplomacy. The result - continuing attacks, more Americans dead. Compare that to Reagan and the Bushes - Reagan used diplomacy, backed up with force. Iran released the hostages and the Iron Curtain disintegrated. Bush 1 used diplomacy backed by force, and for 10 years Saddam was on his heels. Bush 2 used Diplomacy backed by force and bombed Afghanistan back to the Stone Age, and coerced Pakistan to assist.

The appeasement of liberals in the White House and Congress only results in a loss of respect wround the globe, and our enemies laughing at us in disgust. Years of diplomacy and "sanctions" against Iran has had the same result as diplomacy and "sanctions" against North Korea. One got the bomb, the other will have it shortly. Tell me, White House - what good did all that diplomacy do? Our enemies get stronger while we become weak.

Frankly, I am tired of our leaders telling us that all we need to do is talk our enemies to death. It's time to follow the course of Teddy Roosevelt - "Speak softly, and carry a big stick." Instead, the White House speaks softly and carries money as bribes.

That will be the death of us.


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