Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Source of My Information

Someone (a liberal, of course) asked where I get my information. It seems he thinks I don't have a clue. So let me be clear...

I get my information from my own personal research of the subject at hand. To be fair, I check the news from both liberal and conservative sources, and compare them to find the points of difference. I then research those points further, checking facts from government agencies such as the IRS, Labor Department, Congressional Record etc., and fact-checking organizations like FactCheck. I seek out actual audio and video sources. Only when I can authenticate the facts do I then write a post, or send a Tweet.

If you read it here as factual news, you can take it to the bank. As for personal editorials, they may be my personal opinion, but even they are founded from the facts I have dug up.

You can disagree with what I post, but you would play Hell trying to dispute the facts.

So, if a person cannot handle the truth, or refuses to believe the truth, that person should read Media Matters or Huffington Post, instead. But be forewarned - I, too, read those, in an effort to get BOTH sides. If a person only wants one side, then they have a problem that no blog can help them with.


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