Monday, September 17, 2012

Most Reporters & Journalists A Disgrace To The Profession

Absolutely disgusting and disgraceful! I'm talking about the so-called reporters and journalists of the lamestream media. Rather than do their J-O-B in an objective, honest manner, they instead waste everyone's time and do a disservice to the nation by playing "gotcha" politics and avoiding any discussion of the real issues of the day.

The world is on fire as I write this. Raging Islamists around the globe are burning our flags, burning Obama in effigy, burning our embassies and murdering people. The American economy has been in the tank so long that it's beginning to be considered the new normal. And 23 million people are out of work. These are REAL issues. These are the issues most sane Americans want to hear about from the candidates. And they want the media to get in there and press the candidates on these important issues.

But what do these pretenders of journalism do? They ignore the big issues, ignore that Obama is meeting with Letterman, Beyonce and Jay-Z instead of meeting with his Jobs Council or Netanyahu, and instead they ambush Romney on some minor statement (which, by the way, was true) that he made at a fundraiser concerning 47% of Americans are on government assistance.

To these morons who laughingly call themselves reporters and journalists, it is more important to sink Romney and protect Obama than to do their job. They are a complete disgrace to the profession, and what they are doing - and not doing - is as unAmerican as anything gets.

Romney wants to discuss and debate the big issues. The "press" is doing everything in their power to prevent him from doing so, for fear he might connect with the people. And that just would not do! They would rather fawn over their American Idol, Obama, and write about which Mexican dish is his favorite. Fiddling, while Rome burns.

The wrong people are unemployed!

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