Saturday, September 1, 2012

Obama Mocks GOP Policies - Really?

President Barack Obama, in Iowa to kick off a campaign swing, mocked GOP policies touted at the convention, saying they are "better suited for the last century."

Really, Mr. Amateur? Let me see...

The GOP policy says they will create 12 million jobs. Is that better suited to the last century? Maybe by YOUR standards, Mr. President, having presided over the lousiest employment rate since the Great Depression.

The GOP policy states we need to regain personal freedom to grow business by reducing the stranglehold of over-regulation. Perhaps the president believes business should be strangled, since they are "better suited to the last century" and do not jive with his drive for a nanny state.

Or perhaps Mr Obama was referring to the GOP stance that we need to open up opportunity to more people, or provide school choice so minorities can get a better education. That would reduce poverty and dependence upon government which would weaken the Democratic party.

Or just maybe the president was referring to the GOP position of lowering taxes, that more money in people's pockets means more spending, resulting in more production and jobs. Perhaps that is better suited to the last century, since Obama seems to believe that everyone should be on the public teat.

If Mr. Obama is right - that GOP policies are suited for the last century - then by George I think we should extend them into the next century, because the last century produced more wealth and growth than any other century since Man climbed out of the caves.


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