Friday, September 14, 2012

How To Handle Foreign Affairs In Middle East Nations

In Libya, we helped get rid of a dictator and got chaos in it place, resulting in the death of Americans. In Egypt, we supported efforts to out an American?israel friendly leader, to be replaced by a terrorist organization. In Syria, the government is committing genocide against its own people. Outburts in Yemen, Tunisia and numerous other nations. Not to mention Iraq is coming apart, and Afghanistan and Pakistan are not exactlt acting as allies. So, just how should we treat these things?

Actually, it's not as complicated as the administration seems to think. That's because they want to orchestrate everything, and they expect democracies that follow the mold of American Democracy - and that will not happen because those nations have lived in turmoil for 5000 years. They do not understand democracy, nor do most embrace the idea of liberty. It's like when Lincoln freed the slaves - they did not know where to go, what to do.

So here is an idea...

Inform each nation that if they want or need our assistance in helping them free themselves from oppression, we will help. But make it clear that, in return, we expect a more peaceful, friendly nation that respects the rights of all. And if they do that, we will provide financial aid, food, and help in whatever ways we can. But if they do not come together in peace, we will abandon them - no money, no food - nuthin' - and may even place sanctions on them. You are either a friend, and we have mutual respect, or you are our enemy, and will suffer the consequences.

In other words, drop the barbarism, embrace civilization, live in peace, and we will be there for you. Otherwise, you are on your own. Respect us and we will respect you. Diss us, and you will lose.


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