Friday, September 14, 2012

Why Muslims Want To Kill Us - And Will Keep Trying

It's almost laughable to hear politicians and pundits postulate as to why radical muslims insist on killing us. Makes you wonder if any of them have ever read the Bible. If they had, they would understand that it is a 5000 year family feud.

Back in the day, there was this dude named Abraham, whom God favored quite a bit. As it happened, Abe's eldest son, Isaac, was fair-skinned, while his next son, Ishmael, was dark-skinned. Being the eldest, Isaac was to inherit everything from his pop.

Ishmael wanted everything, and hated Isaac. And so it was that Abe, in his elder years, was blind. And when it came time to pass on his wealth and lands to his eldest son, Isaac, Ismael came to him and deceived him, making Abe think he was Isaac. And so it came to pass that Abe accidentally gave the inheritance to Ishmael instead of the true heir, Isaac.

To make a long story short, the dark-skinned Ismael went forth to sire the Arab nation, while the fair-skinned Issac wnt on to sire the Hebrew (Jewish) nation. Ismael, especially, still wanted to kill Isaac because he was witness to the deceit of the stolen inheritance. As long as Isaac lived, Ismael would never truly be the legitimate heir. And the two nations, like the brothers who sired them, remained deadly enemies. And for 5000 years, the Arab nation has been trying to destroy the Jews.  To this day.

2000 years ago, the children of Isaac were blessed with a Saviour, Jesus Christ. And while the Jews did not accept Christ, the children of Issac were now divided among Jews and Christians.

1400 years ago, the Arabs were blessed with their own "saviour", the "prophet" Muhammad. Muhammad and the Q'uran espoused that all muslims were tasked with eradicating the Jews and Christians - the "infidels". According to Muhammad, all people on Earth must either be converted to Islam, or enslaved, or killed. There were no other choices. And ever since then, the Islamic nations of Ishmael have been trying to kill off the "infidels" - the children of Isaac.  In fact, that was the reason for the Crusades in the Middle Ages. The muslims had taken over Constantinople, the seat of Christianity, and had taken Jerusalem and built their Mosque on top of the Jewish Temple where Christianity was "born", so to speak. The King of England, Richard the Lion Heart, a hard-core Christian, at the behest of religious leaders decided to go to the Middle East and protect Jerusalem and the Temple on the Mount from the Arab horde. Out-manned, he was beaten and returned to England in disgrace. To this day, an Islamic Temple stands where once the Jewish/Christian Temple once stood on The Mount.

When something is a core belief, diplomacy. negotiations and appeasement will not stop them - they are on a mission. And that is why all the diplomacy with Iran, Iraq, Egypt etc. has no effect. To dyed-in-the-wool Islamists, there are only two outcomes - kill or be killed. Period. And that also explains why Islamists have no qualms about using deceit and treachery - they are from the blood of the deceitful, treacherous Ishmael. Or did you not notice - when they wanted our help to overthrow tyrants like Mubarak and Ghadafy, they chanted "We love America. Come Help us." and now that the tyrants are gone, they chant, "Death to America." Deceit and treachery.

How do you reason with people like that? You cannot.

And that is precisely why the war between them will never, ever end, until one or the other is vanquished forever. And as a Christian nation that protects Israel, we are in their cross-hairs. And they will never stop killing us, no matter what we do. Unless, of course, the Apocalypse comes, and a final battle between Good and Evil (Isaac & Ishmael) brings it all to an end. You see, the Apocalypse will actually be the war to end all wars - the war between the children of Isaac and the children of Ishmael. And judging by what is transpiring today, that day may not be so very far off.

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