Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Elizabeth Warren - Who Is She & Why Should We Trust Her?

Elizabeth Warren, MA Senate candidate who falsely claimed American Indian heritage in order to secure better jobs and who is opposing Scott Brown for Senate gave Obama the now infamous line, "You did not build that. You used the roads the rest of us paid for. You benefited from education of your employees the rest of us paid for..."

Not quite, Ms Warren. WE paid for those things with our taxes, and we ALL may benefit equally. The difference lies in the simple fact that some of us put it all to better, higher use, while others wasted the opportunity we created with our taxes. And that is on US, not government. WE build our businesses. We did all the things necessary to put those roads and schools that WE paid for to good use. We built the roads and schools, and then used them to build our businesses.

And yes, WE did pay for those. 49% of American adults pay no income taxes, so THEY did not pay for the roads and schools. Those of us who succeed in business, we pay 84% of the taxes. WE paid for those roads and schools.

Mitt Romney paid millions in taxes. Joe Blow paid nothing. So, who do you think built those roads, and paid for those schools?

Elizabeth Warren's statements only go to prove that, to liberals, all money belongs to the government and they "allow" us to keep some for our own use. They believe tax money belongs to them. They forget the we, the people ARE the government, and politicians are simply our employees. So when OUR money is used to build a road, the government takes credit for that road. But they could not have built it without us supplying the money. The reality is that WE built those roads.


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