Friday, September 21, 2012

Voter Empowerment Act - An Attempt To Hijack The Voting Booth

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) introduced what she calls the "Voter Empowerment Act", in an attempt to shut down any state's efforts to require voter I.D. According to Gillibrand, this act would "protect voting rights" while "ensuring integrity" of the voting process. Of course, that is how she and fellow liberals are trying to sell it, but the simple fact remains that NOTHING in the act would prevent voter fraud, or prevent non-citizens from voting.

Here are the full details of the legislation, direct from Gillibrand's office:

Open access to the ballot box by:

Modernizing the voter registration system

Authorizing an online registration option

Authorizing same-day registration and permitting voters to update their registration data onsite

Providing additional tools to alleviate any additional burdens for people with disabilities

Requiring all universities that receive federal funds to offer and encourage voter registration to their students

Simplifying registration and ensuring that ballots from all military personnel serving overseas are counted

Ensure integrity of process by:

Authorizing funds for training poll workers and setting standards for polling place practices

Requiring provisional ballots be available and counted at all polling places

Prohibiting voter caging and designating it as a felony

Protecting against deceptive practices and intimidation

Protect accountability of result by:

Establishing a national voter hotline to ensure timely reporting and corrective action of voting related issues

Setting standards for voting machines to ensure accurate tabulation and confirmation of voter intent paper copy verification

Reauthorizing the Election Assistance Commission to ensure that the highest standards are being met nationwide to guarantee fair elections

Not only does the act NOT insure integrity of the process, it also allows people to register online - never being seen by the registration office personnel and never producing ANY proof of citizenship. In other words, every member of the Taliban in Afghanistan could register to vote in America.

It also requires all universities that receive federal funds to offer and encourage voter registration to their students. Did you notice that? It does not require any other publicly funded organization to encourage voter registration - only universities, whose students are young, inexperienced, and tend to be liberal. Why does Gillibrand's act not require that conservative organization encourage voter registration?

This act would be laughable if not for being so dangerous. It only goes to prove that Gillibrand and her cohorts are not interested in fair elections in which only citizens can vote. What they really want is elections where only liberals and non-citizens can vote.

If you value the integrity of the polling booth, I would suggest you contact your Representatives and Senators to reject this dangerous, partisan bill.


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