Sunday, September 9, 2012

A Lib Speaks Out - And Proves His Ignorance

As further evidence that liberals are not particularly acute, mentally, I offer the following post on HuffPost...

"This is as stark a contrast of 2 candidates in a long time.

One is open and honest. One lies constantly.
One wants better a life for all. One only cares about the rich getting richer.
One wants better for women. One wants the government inside her body.
One wants better education for kids. One wants to privatize for rich friends to make more money.
One wants to save medicare. One wants to privatize for rich friends to make more money.

Let's take that one piece at a time. This liberal claims Obama is honest, but the Washington Post keeps giving him more and more Pinocchio's for all the fibs he tells. And much of what he says does not pass FACTCHECK.

According to this guy, Obama wants a better life for all. Is that why he jacked up the debt to a point our children and grandchildren will never be able to pay? Is that why he stole investors stock in GM and gave it to the unions?

He claims Obama wants better for women. Really? So how come women and minorities have been the worst hit in this economy, with the highest job losses and he has not done a thing about it? Giving free stuff to women, like contraceptives, is simply buying votes, nothing more.

Better education for kids? Time and time again, where school choice has been offered, it provides a better education for all children, but especially for minorities who finally have a shot at a good education. But Obama keeps shooting down school choice. His only concern for education is the betterment of the teacher's unions that pay for his campaign.

Save Medicare? Is this clown kidding? The CBO and the guy who oversees Medicare say it will go bust in 12 years if not reformed, and Obama has adamantly refused to reform it. The CBO also says the $716 Billion ObamaCare takes out of Medicare will make it even less solvent. Romney's plan, according to the CBO, would save medicare for generations to come.

But that is the mentality of far left lunatics. Black is white, simply because their leaders tell them so. They are like lemmings being led off a cliff by a pied piper.

For the record - according to the fact checkers, the truth was a rather scarce commodity at the Democratic Convention. But apparently that has not stopped liberals from swallowing it whole.


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