Sunday, December 2, 2012

Liberals - Anti-Semitic and Pro Terrorist

If you doubt that those on the looney left are anti-Semites and pro-terrorists, these posts come directly from Huffington Post by its liberal, nutcase readers. These posts are in reference to a story about the U.N. being stupid enough to grant Palestinians a fake state, insuring that they have no need to negotiate for peace. One even advocates that the U.N. should use military force against Israel, and be its dictator.

Zhorshik - "Why is the United States still supporting a terroristic state such as Israel? This has cost our country Trillions over the decades and we are the Outliers in the world community. Until we take a firm stance Israel will continue to de-stabilize the Mideast and refuse to negotiate on any terms other than its own.Long past time for change in US policy." [Editor: at one time almost the entire world thought the Earth was flat. That did not make them right. I would rather be an "outlier" than to be on the wrong side.]

designcreature - "Someone somewhere should do something about the rulers in Israel. These people are beyond common decency."

DaveMB - "Why do we support Israel? It's clearly not an ethical state." [Editor: but the Palestinians, who send thousands of missiles into Israel killing women and children, THAT'S ethical?]
eagle17765 - "It would sure be nice if the US ended the $30 Billion we send to Israel yearly -- perhaps then Bibi would actually try for Peace"

Waltcigs - "Money, power and control the Jewish race has used these tactics before, and they wonder why their feared and loathed." [Editor: only feared and loathed by terrorists and liberals. People who hate the Jews need to recognize they are in the same company as Adolf Hitler]

nomoredead - "Now Bibi needs to grow a little [Hitler] mustache and the picture will be complete."

edjowilliams - "It is a shame on Israel to go against the wishes of the UN, the world body of 198 nation. The UN should adopt military action against Israel for its unwillingness to vacate the territories it forcibly occupied after the 1967 war. Its territorial ambition should be forcibly thwarted by the UN and international law should be enforced upon the aggressor, Israel." [Editor: kinda like what Hitler tried to do to the Jews]

SoutheastBeast - "This is further proof that Netanyahu and the Israeli government are not serious about a two state solution. They say they want a two state solution and then they punish the Palestinians when a symbolic, completely nonbinding vote to acknowledge as much is held in the UN, which has no authority whatsoever in this process. Netanyahu uses any excuse he can find to punish Palestinians and to encroach upon their land. I'm appalled that my tax dollars support this nonsense." [Editor: this idiot overlooks that the U.N. resolution ALSO gives more land to the Palestinians, and would force Israelis to leave their homes. But hey, that's OK as long as the U.N. panders to the terrorists]

Tomtom2 - "The (Israeli) terrorist murders will stop when the U.S. stops sending the Israelis the weapons to carry out those assaults" [Editor: this moron seems to believe that the Palestinians, who have lobbed thousands of missiles into Israel just this year, are merely innocent victims.]

James David - "If President Obama wanted to improve relations with the Arab world, this is the perfect opportunity. He should immediately inform Israel that any money confiscated from the Palestinians would result in the subtraction of tripple the amount from U.S. aid to Israel. The amount of money that the Palestinians lost would be made up in part by U.S. reimbursement of lost aid to Israel. This action by President Obama would shock the world, and it might also bring about victory on the war on terror. With this announcement the president could instantly quiet guerilla warfare in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other parts of the world. Further, he would be taking a major step toward restoring the U.S. to the position of respect and honor it once held among all Muslim and Arab nations. It may also be the best move ever to bring peace to the Middle East." [Editor: now THIS guy is just a fool! He has no clue why the Muslim jihadists are trying so hard to kill us. It's not about money, appeasement or being anti-semitic. It's simply that if you are not Muslim, you must either be enslaved or murdered. Period. That is what the Qu'ran says. And Muslims have NEVER respected America - even Thomas Jefferson and Ben Franklin wrote on the threat of Muslims against America. These liberal fools simply do not bother getting educated]

JellyBean2144 - "What is shameful in all of this is, Israel is being exposed, yet again, as a bully and the world is starting to standup and say enough is enough of this of bullying. The world is sick of the double speak by Israel and sadly, America. Hopefully this action will force us to be real advocates for peace and fairness in the Middle East."

Excelsam - "It's time we reminded Israel of the Symington amendment. “Symington amendment,” bans US assistance to any country found to be trafficking in nuclear enrichment or reprocessing technology that is not governed by international safeguards" [Editor: This clown does not even know that Israel is not trafficking in enrichment. They produce their own, which is legal, but do NOT export it. Iran, Afghanistan & North Korea, however, ARE trafficking, but these liberals are OK with that. As long as a country is Anti-America and Anti-Israel, they can do what they want]

blutopie - "Israel has a clinical problem - they have become the abusers of Palestine and nothing else fulfills that need for them" [Editor: unbelieveable. The Palestinians have been pummeling Israel with missiles for years - thousands each year. Israel rarely stands up and fights back. But the minute they do, the loons on the left say they are "abusing" and "murdering" the poor, innocent Palestinians.]

I've said it before - let's keep the illegal immigrants and deport the liberals. Liberals are the greatest threat to America.


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