Monday, December 3, 2012

Troubles At The New York Times

If you have ever wondered if liberals are sane, check out these comments after a news story about the far-left New York Times announces cuts to their workforce:

HeliosOne - It's crazy to me that our nation's newspaper of record is probably at the height of its influence and they can barely keep the lights on. [Editor: if they still had any real influence, they would not be having trouble keeping the lights on. Your statement makes no sense]

Not a Nut Patriot - This is really depressing news as I am a subscriber. The NYT rocks, and they don't lie. [Editor: those of us who actually do research know that the NYT rarely is honest when it comes to political or ideological news]

llLeoll - News lovers, relax. The NYT has a way to absorb these cuts relatively easily, with no loss in journalistic integrity or accuracy. They will just watch Faux News. And report the opposite. [Editor: Typical moronic response by a liberal. All research - and ratings - show Fox is the most balanced of all news outlets, and have often forced the NYT to report stories that the Times was trying to ignore. And exit polls show Fox viewers to be the best informed.]

CatGot9Lives - The Grey Lady, one of the last bastions of balanced in depth news and reporting. Time to light a candle. [Editor: only an unbalanced person could possibly think the NYT is "balanced". As for in-depth reporting, they have not done any of that for more than 20 years. If we light a candle, it should be used to butrn their yellow rag]


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