Monday, December 3, 2012 - SCAM ALERT

There is a company called Lightinthebox that offers what appears to be some great itens at fair prices. And many of the "review" pages post hundreds of great 5 star reviews - BUT...

As many review sites have recently discovered, those "customer reviews" all came from  the same ISP (as in, the lightinthebox ISP). ALL of the remaing reviews are bad - very bad.

The company is Chinese, and based in China. That should have been my first "red flag." But they offered what I was looking for and could not find elsewhere, so I took a chance.

I paid extra for "3-5 Day Expedited Shipping". So, I thought I might get it within a few days. Wrong!

A week after ordering, and paying the extra shipping, the item still had not shipped, and their "tracking" page estimated delivery in another 10 days! A total of AT LEAST 15 days, even though I paid extra for 3-5 day expedited shipping.

But that is only the start of the nightmare.

Try as I might, I could find no way to contact Customer Service. I discovered they have none. But they do have an "online chat", or so they would have you believe. The "online chat" is nothing more than an autobot that gives the same responses no matter what the question, then refers you to a customer service that does not appear to exist.

I am still trying to get info on my order. I am still trying to get answers about a refund for the "expedited shipping" that just does not happen.

Lightinthebox visits the review sites, and when they find a bad review, they post a very apologetic reply, saying all the things  they think other potential customers would like to hear. It is a ploy designed to assuage fears of potential customers, so you will think they are really nice folks. Wrong again!

Be aware - lightinthebox ( is a very bad company to do business with. However, if you are a masochist who likes pain, then by all means, blow your hard-0earned bucks with this Chinese company that screws Americans.


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