Tuesday, December 4, 2012

EPA Run By Liberal Sociopaths

Well all know the atrocities the EPA has caused over the last two decades, and lately they have gotten to be outrageous. But there is little that can compare to their latest criminal act against humanity. In fact, if a foreign despot were to commit such an atrocity against his people, he would be tried for war crimes.

The town of Tombstone, AZ has been around for over 150 years, and earned the name "The Town Too Tough To Die." But that was before the Obama administration developed a strong hatred for Arizona.

Earlier this year, a wildfire interrupted the crucial water supply to the town. Naturally, the town decided they would have to repair the pipes that brought water to Tombstone.

Enter the EPA, with an edict saying, "No, you cannot fix the water pipes." (This is reminiscent of the EPA depriving a farming valley in CA of their water supply, forcing the farmers into bankruptcy).

The EPA said that repairing the water lines would "disrupt" the habitat of wildlife. That is so absurd as to be delusional. What about disrupting the lives of PEOPLE? After all, going in to fix water lines is only a temporary disturbance, and would do no lasting harm. But the EPA does not care. In fact, liberals in general do not care about human life. They elevate animal life over human life. They push for abortion on demand. They have previously advocated euthanasia of the old and infirm. They want to remove animals from the human diet.

These sociopathic nuts have to go. The EPA needs to be shut down, permanently. We can address environmental concerns adequately without giving Gestapo powers to a bunch of unelected liberal psychos.


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