Monday, December 24, 2012

Political Dynasties In America?

Dynasties of any kind are wrong, simply because leaders should have leadership ability, not just a name associated with a past leadership. But I have noticed that liberals appear to be contemplating setting up political dynasties here in America.

In case you have not noticed, Ted Kennedy Jr is contemplating a Senate run based not on any ability, but simply because his father had been a powerful Senator. And there are rumors that Michelle Obama, with no real experience is being eyed for a Senate seat in Illinois.

I can remember a time when a politician had to make the grade on his own, by proving his ability to lead. But among liberals, leadership plays no part in their ascent to the throne. After all, other than being a "community organizer", and a Senator who, for his 2 years in office only voted "present", what leadership ability or experience did Barack Obama have?

And Michelle has even less. As for Ted Jr., what has he EVER done?

Voters beware - there are usurpers among us!


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