Saturday, December 22, 2012

How To Protect Our Children In Schools

OK, so a few deranged maniacs, knowing they can attack schools safely (because they are "gun-free zones") have set out to kill our kids. Liberals want to ban "assault weapons", which was tried for 10 years without any effect. The NRA says hire armed security personnel at a staggering cost to taxpayers.

Here are some (better?) ideas:

1) First and foremost, all entrances to the building should be secured at all times. Easy to do at a minor one-time expense

2) The door to every classroom should be bullet-proof, and locked from the inside at all times. When the bell rings, the locks are automatically disengaged long enough to allow exit/entrance to the room. The "inside" lock allows for emergency exiting. A small one-time cost

3) At least one school administrator should be required, as part of the job, to be professionally trained in the use of a handgun, and to carry the handgun at all times during school hours. There would be no "staggering cost" to taxpayers - the administrator is already being paid for their job. This would simply be a new job responsibility. There would be a small one-time cost for training.

I'm sure these ideas can be fleshed out more, but this provides some reasonable food for thought.


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