Monday, December 3, 2012

Why Buffett & Others Want Higher Tax Rate

You all have heard Warren Buffett and many other wealthy people say they want higher tax rates on the wealthy. In fact, the CEO of COSTCO spoke in favor of them at the Democratic National Convention.

And every one of them is a hypocrite, and they are fooling us - fooling us because they know something most of us do not.

Here goes - they do not pay the tax rate, no matter what it is. They pay taxes only according to the multitude of tax loopholes they are allowed. This means that they will pay little or no tax, no matter what the tax rates are.

And the reason they favor higher tax rates goes hand-in-hand with that. They realize that in order to increase revenues, the government must either increase rates, or decrease loopholes. Which do you think the wealthy prefer?

The richhest of the rich - almost all of them Democrats - want higher tax rates because that means they can keep their precious loopholes.

The problem lies with the simple fact that our Mainstream Media refuses to do their job. Instead of informing the folks of the truth, they act as a wing of the Democrat party. So, the folks end up believing the liberal BS and flog Repblicans for being "obstructionist".

But when the government lies to us, and goes in the wrong direction, I thank God for "obstructionists."


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