Friday, November 30, 2012

From The Greatest Generation to...

I am so sick of these whiny little brats complaining on Facebook about how hard their pathetic little lives are.

And I wish they could have known my parents. My Dad was born in 1898, when travel was by horse and carriage that could travel 50 miles a day, and not a heated, air conditioned vehicle that could travel 1000 miles a day. No radio. Most families did not yet have a telephone. No computers, video games or TV.

No school buses to take them to school on a cold, wintry day. Chores before the sun rose, and more chores until the sun set. At the age of seven he worked in a woolen mill to help support the family.

In 1917 Dad joined the Marines and was off to France in WWI. During that same period, both my parents lost many loved ones from the Spanish Flu pandemic that killed 60 million people across the globe.

They suffered the Great Depression and 12 years of sacrifice, hunger and cold. There were no food stamps, unemployment benefits or other welfare.

And then WWII broke out and my Dad signed up in the Army - and back to France, where many comrades died.

Two of their 9 children died before the age of 5 because doctors, hospitals and medicine were not like they are now.

After the war, I was born. And from that day until my parents passed away, I never ONCE heard them complain about anything, least of all how tough life was for them. They never mentioned it.

Yet, today's youth think they have it tough just because they ran out of minutes on their cell, or Mom would not let them dress like a hooker for their Prom.

What they need is a dose of reality - how the world REALLY is when we do not step in to make things easier and better.

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