Monday, December 17, 2012

School Shootings - Why Liberals Refuse To Fight The Cause

Since 1997 there have been numerous school shootings. Prior to 1997, there was only one in the history of America. All have been perpetrated by young people.

Those on the left  are blaming "guns", and most particularly "assault rifles." But most reasonable, thinking people blame the simple fact that young people today are raised in a world where there is little respect for the sanctity of life.

And the availability of "assault weapons" makes little difference - just the other day, a young man in China used a knife or sword to kill many students. If they cannot get guns, they will make bombs, use knives or even use poison. Someone intent on killing will kill. Period. Banning guns will not help. President Clinton banned assault weapons in 1994 - and the school shootings began just 3 years later. The only thing that WILL help is to start rebuilding our society to once again have a reverence for human life.

There are several things that contribute to the "desensitizing" of our youth, making them capable of multiple, random murder. And all have been introduced since the late '60's. Notably, all the young murderers have been raised since then.

First, there was the liberal Warren Court kicking God out of school, and out of the public sphere. Without a strong sense of God, and of "good and evil", children become less attuned to the sanctity of human life.

Then there was the Warren Court making abortion legal. Frankly, that, in and of itself does not contribute very much to the loss of respect for human life, for the adults COULD have kept it out of public view. Instead, liberals make it a point to publicize abortion, "women's rights" etc. They make it such a public spectacle that every child born in America understands from a very young age that, but not for luck, his/her mother could have simply ended their existence. Tell me, what child would have respect for life once he or she realizes that their own life could have been extinguished on a whim?

Couple that with not having a fear of God...

And now place into the mix all the video games that every one of these "shooters" spent much of their childhood playing. Kill everything on the screen. And if you die, so what? Just restart the game. They are learning to kill. They are learning to kill efficiently and effectively.

So, to most thinking people, the thing we should be addressing is finding ways to renew the sanctity of life into our society, rather than introduce bills to ban assault weapons. Such weapons have been available for decades, and never posed a real threat - not until our children lost respect for life.

So, why are liberals so intent on banning guns instead of rejuvenating the sanctity of life? Simply because any renewal of respect for the sanctity of life would completely undo the liberal agenda. If we re-introduce God, the liberal fight to legalize "sin" would go down the drain. No legalization of drugs, or gay marriage. No legalization of "man-boy love." No more "social justice", as it would be pushed aside in favor of the moral justice found in the Bible. And if we keep abortion private, instead of publicizing it at every turn, fewer people would "give in" as they tire of the fight. Liberals need to keep abortion in everyone's line of sight, as they do with gay marriage and the legalization of drugs. They know that by keeping it in your face, you will eventually become desensitized to it, shrug your shoulders and say "What the Hell - why not?"

No, liberals cannot and will not address the cause of the shootings. Instead, they will try to ban guns, in the hope that eventually the citizenry will be unarmed, and their agenda brought to fruition. They know an armed citizenry will be detrimental to the liberal take-over of America.

And that is precisely why Huffington Post called Governor Huckabee's remark "outrageous". He simply stated the obvious - if we want to stop these shootings, we need to bring respect for human life back into our society. To those on the left, that certainly is "outrageous."

The truth usually is.

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