Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Proving The Existence Of God

It never fails - every time religion is brought up, the atheists pile on with their tripe about how the existence of God has never beehn proven, and therefore God does not exist.

They are so stupid they miss the entire point - if the existence of God could be proven, there would be no need for "faith". And without faith, God would not be able to determine the worthy from the unworthy. It's a lot like asking a person to say "Thank you" - if you have to ask, it's not worth anything.

The belief in God MUST be taken as a matter of faith, not as a matter of provable fact.

And anyoine who cares to open their eyes would find all the evidence needed for faith. Take my own experiences as an example.

As a homeless person I needed $5 to buy a suit at Goodwill for an interview. I went to the clothing room at the homeless shelter and got a pair of clean pants, instead. In the pocket I found a $5 bill - exactly the amount I needed to buy the suit!

My wife was told by two doctors that here multiple operations rendered her incapable of having children of her own. When she asked God if I was the right person for her, she got pregnant that very night (by me).

My Dad, born in 1898 went off to WWI in 1917, leaving his fiance behind until the war was over. After the war, she was gone. In 1983 Dad was visiting my Mother's grave. A woman was across from him, visiting her husband's grave. Sge saw the last name on my mother's stone and asked if my father was related to the man she had been engaged to over 65 years earlier - it was her! They finally married in 1985.

I tried quitting smoking for over 40 years to no avail. One night I prayed and asked God to help. I have not smoked since (it's been 11 years), and I have never suffered withdrawal symptoms or any cravings!

I can list dozens of such "coincidences". But I do not believe much in coincidence. Especially the convoluted ones that are so improbable.

Yes, I know these things do not prove there is a God. But that's the point - if God can be proved, faith would have no value. And that would makes our "free will" rather pointless - we would almost have to believe in Him then.

Atheists also like to say they do not fear God because you cannot fear that which does not exist - which is precisely why they fear God more than believers do. You see, they cannot prove God does NOT exist any more than believers can prove He does. Since they cannot prove God does not exist, deep down they know that there is a possibility that He does. The BELIEVE He does not exist, but believing it does not make it a fact. Naturally, to any person spending their life denying God, the possibility He may actually exist scares the Hell out of them.

I fear God because I may not measure up. The atheist fears God because he doesn't even try.


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