Monday, December 17, 2012

Obama's "Fiscal Cliff" Offer - A Load Of Crud

WASHINGTON -- The White House made a new offer to House Speaker John Boehner to avoid the "fiscal cliff". The proposal calls for two stimulus measures and seeks an avoidance of a debt limit fight for the next two years.

The White House has moved off of its initial and second revenue demands of $1.6 trillion and $1.4 trillion respectively. As of now, the president would be fine raising $1.2 trillion in revenue.

What a boatload of crap! If Boehner even THINKS about that offer he should be run out of Washington on a rail, tarred and feathered.

First, the two "stimulus" bills already passed have both failed miserably - you cannot spend youre way out of financial difficulty.

Second, he is asking for carte blanche on the debt limit - that means he could spend us into oblivion without any fight from Congress. And that is not only absurd, but would constitute virtual treason.

And what about his demand to raise revenues "only" by $1.2 trillion? While campaigning he said he only wanted to raise revenues by $800 billion. That is what he promised the American people, yet even before he gets inaugurated he wants that amount increased by 50%. In fact, just days after the election he called to DOUBLE it.

This incompetent clown that is in the White House is bent on destroying this great nation financially, which would allow socialism to take over as desperate people would grasp at any "promise" for salvation. And Obama is great at making promises he never expects to keep. He will tell any lie in order to push his far-left progressive/socialist agenda.

Boehner should simply walk away. He should pass the Republican bill in the House and send it to the Senate, putting the ball in THEIR court. Then he should go home for Christmas. He should tell Obama to present his own "offer" to the Senate to vote on, knowing full well it would never even get through the Democrat-held Senate.

And when Obama and the Democrats get serious about cutting spending and NOT increasing it, let Boehner know.


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