Friday, December 21, 2012

"Gun Stories" You Won't Hear In The Media

You know the mainstream media leans heavily to the left. So, every incident of a wrongful shooting of any kind will make Page One Headlines. The following is one of literally hundreds of stories the media will not even mention, because they undermine the agenda of the liberal left.

Yesterday, in Atlanta Georgia three perpetrators invaded a home with intent to burglarize and do harm to the residents. They worked their way up to the second floor where they met the homeowner, armed with his legally owned gun. The homeowner shot one in the leg, the second jumped from a second story window and was killed, and the third got away (for now). The result: one family safe from harm, perpetrators not - but ONLY because the homeowner was armed.

This news story never made the news media - it was reported only by the police officer who filed the report of the incident. The media found "no interest" in the story, which is just another way of saying they do not want to report on how guns SAVE lives.

And remember Katrina? Some homeowners had to use guns to protect themselves and their property from armed looters - some of which turned out to be police officers!

And as a side note, have you ever wondered why so many of these mass shootings occur at schools and universities? Just maybe it is because the government advertises they are "gun free zones", and therefore they are safe, easy, soft targets. What gunman intent on killing a bunch of people is going to invade a well-armed facility? When was the last time a gunman hit a Police Station?

Put politics aside for a moment, ask yourself one question, then answer honestly - what if any of those gunmen, upon entering the school, had come face-to-face with someone who was armed and knew how to use their weapon? Do you really think so many children would be getting put to rest today?


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