Monday, December 31, 2012

Now THIS Is Scary!

President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have once again topped the list of the most admired individuals in the world, according to a USA Today/Gallup poll conducted earlier this month.

It seems 30% of the folks admire Obama in spite of his driving the debt up to $17 trillion; in spite of passing $1 trillion in NEW taxes via ObamaCare; in spite of NOT addressing jobs or the economy for 4 years; in spite of having not kept any of his promises for closing GITMO, or immigration reform, or jobs; in spite of not leading; and in spite of dividing the country so horribly that almost everyone hates almost everyone else. Hate the rich; hate Republicans; hate women; hate religion; hate those who choose not to join a union. Hate, hate and more hate.

And 21% of the folks admire Hillary Clinton, in spite of how it was her repeated bungling that got our ambassador and three others tortured and murdered; in spite of finding a never-ending line of excuses to not address the Benghazi tragedy she caused; in spite of refusing to provide the security requested, resulting in those murders; and in spite of her being completely AWOL every time the Secretary of State was needed somewhere - once, when she was sorely needed, she was "too busy in her schedule" at a wine tasting event in Peru. Much like Obama being too busy on Meet The Press to actually be busy doing his job and sitting down with Congress to resolve the problem.

The two LEAST admirable people in America are admired by 20-25% of "the folks".

But not to worry TOO much - after all, those same pollsters show that 20-25% of Americans consider themselves far-left liberals. So, we KNOW the poll is rigged when there are so many people to choose from. Bear in mind, 70% DO NOT think obama is the most admired, and 79% do NOT think Clinton is the most admired.

And that's the REAL story here, folks, not the slanted story the liberal media is painting. But we'll allow the lamestream media to have what they incorrectly see as a victory. Let them revel in the fact that so few actually admire the fools they elected. The rest of us know that the vast majority do NOT have Obama or Hillary on the top of their "admired" list.


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