Monday, December 31, 2012

Time To Hold Congress' Feet To The Fire

Nothing gets done in Washington because We, The People, allow Congress to do nothing. It's time we took control. And it is as simple as contacting your Congressional Representatives and Senators and telling them point blank you will NOT vote for any politician who refuses to do the following:

1) Enact legislation that mandates, under penalty of law, that any bill passed in one chamber MUST be voted on in the other chamber within 60 days. No one person (i.e. Harry Reid) can thwart the will of the people by simply refusing to put a bill up for a vote. The House passed 32 bills that Reid refuses to bring up for a vote in the Senate - he fears his Democrat senate may actually pass some.

2) Unless incapacitated by a physical or mental issue, EVERY elected Representative and Senator WILL be in their respective seats when issues are voted on, and WILL vote on each measure. If any official fails to show up to do their job, they forfeit their job.

3) Any representative or senator who fails to comply will be immediately impeached for failure to comply with the Oath of Office, and will not be allowed to run for any other national office or accept any political position with national implications for at least 5 years. Furthermore, anyone who violates these tenets will forfeit any further payment, including salary, benefits and pension from the position the individual was impeached from.

Time to get serious, folks! If you care about America, regadless of your party or ideology, you owe it to yourself, you family and your country to REQUIRE that your elected officials do the job they are being paid to do. If you fail to do your part, you have no complaint when Congress fails to do theirs!


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