Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Zero Dark Thirty - A False Narrative?

This latest flick to hit the theaters claims to be factual and accurate, based on "firt-hand accounts" according to its producer. In fact, the producer received unheard of access to confidential, even classified information direct from the Obama administration. So, you would think the movie would actually be accurate. Um - not so much.

As with so much that comes out of the Obama admuinistration, "Zero Dark Thirty" is embellished with bull. Take the first 15 minutes as an example. The film opens to a scene of UBL's courier being water-boarded, where he gives up information that leads to the eventual killing of bin Laden.

But according to Senator Barbara Boxer (head of the Senate Intelligence Committee) and the CIA and FBI, that never happened. the TRUE account shows that it was the "Blind Sheik", Kahlid Sheik Muhammad, who was water-boarded. During one of his wet sessions, KSM gave up the nickname of UBL's courier. The CIA then followed up on that until they identified the courier, then found and followed him to UBL.

In other words, despite the information provided to her by the White House, the producer of "Zero Dark Thirty" couldn't even get the first scene of her movie correct. It's BS.

And that tells me I would want to take the rest of the "Obama account" of what transpired with more than a grain of salt. It may make for good entertainment, but you may want to stop short of taking it as Gospel.


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